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Bigo Live is my favorite man.

In our life, we get acquainted with some people every day, every step of the way. How many people do we remember? There are very few people we always remember. He wants to talk to them again and again, he wants to think about them. They are our favorite people. It doesn’t take any kind of special quality to be a dear person. They are always different for everyone because of their easy-going traits. He is no exception. Dear people are not just people of love. Dear people can be friends, acquaintances or any person in the family. Today I will write about my favorite man and his favorite V. The dear man who radically changed my life. We don’t just love our loved ones, we have love, we have mutual respect. Some people will teach you to live life. My favorite man is one of them. His name is Gar. People are basically the people who will help you grow in your life. Will give you the right direction. Encourage you to do good deeds and keep you away from evil deeds. Always keep you in check. You will always be remembered whether you are by his side or not. Dear people are different to every human being. Happily and sadly, people want their loved ones. Maybe no one gets it. Some people are deprived of this happiness if they always have the happiness of walking by their side for the rest of their lives. But always create the ability to understand people. Evaluate people and you will one day be evaluated. No one in the world is eternal, neither you, nor me, nor anyone else. So learn to value good and bad.

Today I would like to say something about Gar and his Bigo family. They are my favorite people. They are Skila, Har420, Princess, Janis, Juju, Savage, Coco, Baby and many more whose names I don’t know. They have a lot of fun on Bigo Live, I enjoy laughing, they feel like a member of my family, I feel like they are a member of their family, I can’t share my joys and sorrows with them because I’m so weak in English, I’m ashamed, ever Sometimes I have to keep my mouth shut. The proud head must bow and admit that I am weak. This means that I am not defeated, it means that I have become and is determined to accept the smile of victory in the end.

Her420,Baby : One of the great qualities of girls is that they can talk very nicely. Girls have another problem – sadness. They know how to mix sadness even in words with the news of great joy. It’s not that they do what they want. The melancholy that nature has put in their character may come up in words.

Princes : There are some men who get a kind of pleasure by ignoring beautiful young women. Usually they are lonely men. Even then, not all people feel the tight chains on their hands and feet. Going to break the shackles, Sansara Biragi leaves home late at night. By the way, was released. The housewife jumped from the roof of the ten storey house and then on the pavement. They are content to break the chain for a moment.

Her420 ,Princess, baby and Savage : To fall in love means to become dependent. The one you fall in love with will occupy a huge part of your world. If for some reason he leaves you, he will also take that huge part of your world. You will become the inhabitant of the empty world

Her420 , Genies : No sense in telling you now. Instead, someday I will call from Training store and say – Rupa, will you go up to your roof after a row of blue and hold the cornice and look down? Wanting to see you Wait a minute. I’ll walk down the street in front of your house. I know you don’t believe me, but take care. Hair tied. Kajal touches his eyes and holds the cornice. She waits. I never go. I don’t have to be like ten boys anymore. I have to be awesome. I walk all day. My path never ends. There is no end to the journey without a destination.

Love and hate are actually the same thing. “Love” on one side of a coin and hate on the other. This coin floats on the floor in front of the lover. The deeper their love, the more their currency rotates. At one point the rotation stopped and the coin collapsed. Then in the case of some people it is seen that the back written “love” has come out, in the case of some people it has come out that hatred has come out. So we have to make sure that this coin is always in circulation. Rotation can never be stopped. I see the family or sometimes.

I love you all.

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