Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Dear Liz in your memory

Dear Liz,
Are you okay, blue sky? I want you to be very, very good. Someone may have been as white as snow and as red as a flower. She must love so much! I’m glad to hear you’re fine.
You tell me, Liz, do I have tension on purpose? I can’t forget you. I stop breathing thinking of you. Many times I thought I would forget about you but I couldn’t. Tell me what’s wrong with me, did I know that love is so burning? I wish I was with you.
I can’t bear the pain of not being able to get you even if I get a little peace thinking that you are fine. Maybe no one can bear this pain. You are the second relative of my life, the first one died many years ago, I still forget him.
I couldn’t, now you may actually forget, what is the happiness of those whose lives are in sorrow again? If you forget me, you may not have any problem, I want to choose with you all my life.


Omar Faruque

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